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Community Payback Order: Unpaid work


Local Authority area:


Primary Courts of relevance:

Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline and Dundee

All information provided by:

Fife Community Justice Partnership

Fife Community Justice Information

Published: 15 November 2022

The information on this page has been provided by Community Justice Partnerships. Community Justice Scotland is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and is unable to respond to direct queries. All such queries in respect of the information shown on this page should be directed to the Community Justice Partnership to which it relates.

In Spring 2022, the information will be reviewed and updated where required. Thereafter a review, and any necessary revisions, will take place three times annually.

Community Payback Order: Unpaid work

Interventions suitable for

Anyone over the age of 16 years resident in Fife

Programme title and provider

Unpaid work

Details of all Specific national or local scheme/intervention(s) available

The Community Payback Unpaid Work Scheme operates Sunday through to Thursday and offers evening shifts four times per week. Sunday working is also available for those participants in employment or with particular care commitments.
The scheme has three workshops located in Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes and also operates fourteen vehicles to transport service users to community-based projects.
Visibility of the projects plays an important part in raising the awareness of the positive contribution Unpaid Work can play in the local community and, throughout the year, there have been a number of positive news articles in the local press. At the conclusion of each project, a plaque is left indicating the Unpaid Work Scheme has carried out the work. This can have a positive impact on those who have participated in the work as well as the recipients of the service.
In addition, there were 40 individual personal placements in Fife pre-pandemic and it is anticipated that these will become available again. Projects that are included are, Barnardo’s, Shelter, Salvation Army, Furniture Plus, Castle Furniture and the Cottage.

Possible Outcomes

Provides environmental improvements within local communities and enables those with convictions to contribute to this in a practical sense and make reparation to their local community. It can offer those with limited work experience an opportunity to develop practical skills and an improved sense of self-worth; factors known to improve desistance to further offending.

Process for Assessment and/or inclusion in scheme/intervention

This is a statutory court order and assessment for suitability is completed by a qualified social worker and information provided to the Court within a criminal justice social work report. Immediately following the imposition of an order, a post sentence interview takes place in order to ensure as speedy an introduction onto the order as is possible.