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Why work for Community Justice Scotland?

At Community Justice Scotland (CJS) we understand that our colleagues are the most important asset we have.  We use a values based approach in everything we do and apply this throughout our recruitment which means we focus on the candidates values to ensure they share our passion for making a difference and contribute to our values based culture. 

Values based recruitment means we get to know candidates, what motivates them and their passions and interests.  By taking this approach, it helps us to know that the candidate will be a good fit for the organisation and the role they are applying for.  By aligning our values into our recruitment techniques, this allows candidates to show their own values allowing us to see who they are, the work they do, how they show up at work and the things that drive them and the reason they are drawn to our organisation.   More information on CJS’ values can be found in our Values for Action document.

There are no current vacancies. Thank you for your interest in working with CJS, if you would like to join our jobs mailing list please send your details to and we will add you to the list. Please note we do not hold CVs on file.

Please also keep up to date with the work we are doing via our social media.

Accessibility and Inclusion


Ban the Box

We know that your past does not define your future, we recognised the great challenge and resilience in making life changes, this is why we encourage applications from people of all backgrounds, we are committed to being representative of the community we serve. If you have a conviction you will not be asked to disclose this until after you are offered a job, this means your conviction plays no part is our assessment of suitability for the role.

Living Wage

We want to ensure that our team are financially recompensed for the role that they do for our organisation. Basic fairness is at the heart of what the Living Wage Campaign tries to achieve and CJS are proud to support this campaign.

Disability Confident Employer

We take seriously our commitment to recognising and supporting people to be at their best, this can mean anything from flexible working, reasonable adjustments, tailored management, supportive environment to work in and celebrating people and their differences. We value our team and we are confident in our ability to support people in working with us in a way that works for them.

Carer Positive

We understand that life is about family and home life as well as work, we know that if people feel supported to do what they need to do in work and outside of work they are able to show up fully. We operate a flexible working policy and a carers policy that is considered and caring for those that have additional responsibilities outside of work – we know that life isn’t always easily categorised into neat boxes of work and home – we know that they overlap and interact – our job at CJS is to best support our team so they can be at their best in all areas of life.