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Justice, Disrupted

Hosted by Byron Vincent, Justice, Disrupted is a podcast intended to entertain as much as inform. To inspire people to do something small (or big!) to be a positive force for good in society.


Episode 1: Gina Miller

In this episode Byron speaks to Campaigner and Co-founder of SCM Direct, Gina Miller. They talk about a radical reframing of the justice system and reflect on campaigning for a better country for all of us.

Episode 2: David Martindale

In this episode Byron speaks to Livingston FC First-Team Manager, David Martindale. They talk about growing up in social housing; moments of transition as young people and of course, how football has influenced David’s life.

Episode 3: Aidan Martin

In this episode Byron speaks to Aidan Martin, author of best-selling memoir Euphoric Recall. They talk about Aidan’s difficult upbringing in West Lothian; his addictions from early in life and how creativity helped fuel his recovery.

Episode 4: Reverend Richard Coles

In this episode Byron speaks to Reverend Richard Coles. In addition to Richard’s position in the clergy, he is an author, radio presenter and former member of popular ’80s duo – The Communards. Together they reflect on how religion ties in with concepts of justice; time spent with people in the justice system and the loss of Richard’s beloved husband to addiction.

Episode 5: Chris Daw QC

In this episode Byron speaks to Chris Daw QC: Lawyer, legal commentator and author of ‘Justice on Trial’. Together they discuss radical overhauls needed within the UK justice system to create a fairer society; including a new approach to drug offences and the decriminalisation of children.

Episode 6: Kit de Waal

In this episode Byron speaks to writer and former magistrate, Kit de Waal. They talk about how Kit’s upbringing influenced her choices; her experience of working within the justice system and why compassion is always the answer.

Justice, Disrupted is available to listen to on: Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts or via the player below!

Please note that views expressed by the guests on the ‘Justice, Disrupted’ podcast are personal to them and are not endorsed by Community Justice Scotland (CJS); either as a non-departmental public body, nor of the employed staff at CJS. By producing this podcast CJS is not advocating or promoting the views of the guests but creating a space for people to speak their truth and views should therefore not be affiliated with those of CJS.