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Domestic Abuse-Related Training by Local Authority

This interactive map shows the areas in which specific domestic abuse-related training is available in Scotland.

Included on this map is Caledonian System, Fergus Programme and UP2U.

Caledonian System uses an integrated whole family approach to address domestic abuse of women by men in Scotland. It combines a programme for male offenders with support services for women and children affected by domestic abuse. This model works with men who abuse to change their behaviour and address their attitudes to women and violence. The Caledonian Central Team members at Community Justice Scotland have a background in working directly with men who have abused partners and women who have experienced abuse.

Fergus Programme is available in Angus and is suitable for men who have been convicted of domestically abusive related offences within a heterosexual relationship. Read more here

UP2U is a domestic abuse behaviour change programme designed to help people make positive changes to their behaviour in their relationships. The programme is for males or females who are aged 16 or over and who have been convicted of a domestic abuse offence and are subject to social work supervision in North Lanarkshire, West Lothian, Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire. Read more here

To view the list of areas and programmes, click the arrow/box logo on the top left of the map. Or click the expansion logo on the top right to view in full on Google.