Our Vision

A clear vision for community justice in Scotland

  • What’s our vision?

    Our aim is to ensure that Community Justice Scotland is a world leader. We’ll achieve that through constant innovation and by working closely with our partners to develop new ways of supporting people who have committed a crime, their families and the various agencies that help to break the cycle of reoffending, allowing people to make a positive contribution to society.

    We also have a duty to influence and enable reform and that means working closely with the Scottish Government, the courts and the law enforcement agencies.

  • What is community justice?

    Community justice is where people who have broken the law are held to account and supported to reconnect and contribute to their communities.

    Where it is safe to do so, people who commit certain crimes receive community-based sentences. This can include treatment for underlying issues such as drug or alcohol addiction, unpaid work, fines and compensation or restrictions of liberty such as electronic tagging and curfews.

    The evidence shows community justice can help people stop breaking the law again leading to fewer victims and safer communities.

  • How do we achieve our goals?

    Community Justice Scotland is a leader. We take a bold and engaging approach, working at all levels with politicians, experts, the media and the public to shift social norms and challenge conventions. Our focus is on results, seeking solutions that work and deliver the right balance of redress and rehabilitation for our society.

    We develop and promote a National Strategy for Community Justice, making sure that people understand the benefits in areas like early intervention, prevention and community sentences.

    We also keep Scottish Ministers up to date with the performance of community justice provisions while constantly reviewing the National Outcomes, Performance and Improvement Framework for community justice in Scotland.

  • How do we work with our partners?

    We take a collaborative approach to our work, providing constructive support to all our partners. Together, we work hard to create better outcomes for those who have offended, their families and victims of crime.

  • Can we make Scotland the safest country in the world?

    Our aim is to drive progress in the field of community justice. We’re open-minded and curious and we actively seek innovation. We follow the evidence, share our findings and convince our partners that change can deliver the results we all seek.

    We also look to be an inspiration in society, helping to build a safer Scotland where everyone can maximise their potential within a fair and equitable justice system.

View the Community Justice Scotland Act 2016


Community Justice Scotland plays a central role in the continual improvement of Scotland’s justice system. We provide advice to Ministers and local government leaders to strengthen how public services, third sector and other partners work together to prevent and reduce further offending.

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In the real world

We’re here to make a difference in communities across Scotland, changing lives for the better and improving safety for all. Read our case studies to see how best practice changes real lives.

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Local authorities around Scotland deliver a wide range of services relating to community justice. Find out what’s available in your local area by visiting your local authority’s website.


If you’d like to find out more about the work done by Community Justice Scotland and our various partners in your local area, we’ll be happy to help.