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Gemma Fraser

Head of Restorative Justice

Gemma Fraser

Gemma's role

Gemma heads the Restorative Justice (RJ) National Team with responsibility for delivery of outcomes within the Restorative Justice Action Plan. This includes the design, testing and scoping of an RJ delivery model for Scotland, the delivery of RJ policy and improved knowledge of RJ across stakeholders and communities. She is also seeking to improve use of restorative principles and practices across the justice system as a trauma-responsive intervention for those who have experienced harm.


Gemma has been with Community Justice Scotland since March 2017 first as an Improvement Lead, developing and supporting local practice improvement in all areas of the justice process and for everyone who comes in contact with that. She continues to utilise and lead in these skills in her current role as The Senior Reporting Officer for Recover, Renew and Transform: Community Justice from March 2020. She holds particular interests in children and young people in conflict with the law, social justice, restorative justice and community safety.

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