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NEW EPISODE – Justice, Disrupted with David Martindale

NEWS | 17th September 2021

NEW: Episode 2 of ‘Justice, Disrupted’ is now live!

In this episode, Byron Vincent speaks to Livingston FC First-Team Manager, David Martindale. They talk about growing up in social housing; moments of transition as young people and of course, how football has influenced David’s life.

‘Justice, Disrupted’ is a podcast intended to entertain as much as inform. To inspire people to do something small (or big!) to be a positive force for good in society.

Byron will be speaking to people from varied walks of life; some may have come into direct contact with the justice system, others may have achieved something great in the face of adversity.

Each person will share their ideas of what a socially just society looks like and motivate listeners to get out there and make change happen.

Karyn McCluskey, chief executive of Community Justice Scotland said: “We all have the power to make a difference to help create a fairer and safer society. But it starts with action – whether we do something small or big – to help make positive changes to the lives of everyone around us.”

>> Listen to Episode 2 and catch-up with Episode 1 (with Gina Miller) on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts, now! 

Content Warning: We advise listener discretion for ‘Justice, Disrupted’. This podcast discusses social justice and will touch on many areas including (but not exclusive to) crime, trauma and abuse – in their various forms. Some listeners may find such content distressing to listen to. If you are affected by anything in ‘Justice, Disrupted’, please visit this page for a list of websites you can go to, to seek support and/or guidance.