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An approach to the planning, delivery and monitoring of community justice outcomes

NEWS | 7th June 2024

Community Justice Scotland are proud to present a new suite of guidance materials.

You told us: you would like some ready guidance to help you plan, deliver and monitor community justice outcomes

We have developed: materials to help you while you perform a really challenging role. They are not mandatory, but we hope you can use these materials in a pick-and-mix approach to improving community justice.

There are many experienced partners around the tables in Community Justice and there are also new coordinators, new Chairs and new partners. This guidance should provide both with the right level of support when approaching a distinct area or a new topic.

Community Justice can be complicated, and working out how to measure whether a service or intervention is improving is critical. We hope this information and guidance helps partners with improvement activities and to deliver the best service to those who touch the justice system.

They contain the following:

  • An overview document which sets out the context and rationale for the approach.
  • A targeted planning resource for each national outcome e.g. diversion, bail support etc
  • Two targeted resources to help local partners deliver improvement and monitor outcome performance.

Links to download the resources as follows:

Notes on accessibility

  • Accessible functionality: To use full accessibility features, please download the file from the list above and open using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Hyperlinks in documents: We advise opening any hyperlinks within the documents in a new tab, to ensure a logical reading experience. To do this, right click the hyperlink and select ‘open link in new tab’.