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Community Payback Order: Treatment: Drugs


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Primary Courts of relevance:

Forfar Sheriff Court & Dundee Sheriff Court

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Angus Community Justice Partnership

Angus Community Justice Information

Published: 30 November 2021

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Community Payback Order: Treatment: Drugs

Intervention suitable for

Clients who have been formally assessed by the Criminal Justice Social Work Report writer as having identified drug issues but have not established a chronic history of drug misuse. The client must consent to the requirement before it can be imposed. A supervision requirement must also be imposed alongside the drug treatment requirement.

Programme title and provider

Drug Treatment Requirement

Details of all Specific national or local scheme/intervention(s) available

There will be regular liaison between the client’s supervising officer and their addiction worker. Where appropriate, the supervising officer will engage with the client’s family members to ensure the safety and wellbeing of any children and/or vulnerable people in close contact with the client.

Possible Outcomes

The aim of the treatment is to support the client’s abstinence through regular and consistent support that directly addresses their dependence on prescription or other substitute drugs. A case management plan can be compiled at the report interview stage by the Criminal Justice Social Work Report writer in collaboration with the client and medical professionals, setting out what treatment and interventions and can be added to once the Community Payback Order begins depending on the stage the process of assessment is to be carried out. Consultation with the client on all aspects of their needs and the proposed approach to helping them achieve recovery must be ensured.
Community Payback Order: practice guidance

Process for Assessment and/or inclusion in scheme/intervention

The Criminal Justice Social Work Report writer will assess whether the client’s offending is associated with their drug problem and if treatment is already in place. If treatment is in place it may not be necessary for the requirement to be imposed. If there have been previous issues around the lack of compliance and motivation to change, this will be taken into consideration by the Criminal Justice Social Work Report writer and discussed with specialist addiction workers to determine an effective route for treatment and offer an appropriate recommendation to the court.