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Strategic Commissioning Framework

INSIGHT | 1st May 2020

Community Justice Scotland (CJS) has worked closely with partners to co-produce a Strategic Commissioning Framework (SCF) for the sector. This work has benefited greatly from the contributions of many organisations and individuals and it reflects the insights and perspectives of a wide range of stakeholders, including service providers and those who have experience of the justice system.

Community justice has never been more important, and will remain so, as we jointly try to provide effective services and support to people within communities in the coming years. The goal of providing high quality services that meet the needs of people affected by the justice system in communities has never been more pressing. There is outstanding work going on across Scotland, even in the midst of this unprecedented challenge.

The SCF and the Executive Summary are now published and it is hoped that everyone in the community justice sector will be able to apply and benefit from the guidance and processes they set out . Community Justice Scotland (CJS) intends to support the application of the SCF within local partnerships, both directly and through our work to bring about improved practice.

Although we, like many organisations, have additional pressures on many of the things we do and constraints on how we are able to operate as a result of the impact of Covid -19 we are actively developing different ways of providing assistance to partners and partnerships in applying this Framework and will bring forward these in early course.


The National Strategy for Community Justice identified improved strategic, collaborative planning and delivery of services as a priority. To support its achievement, Community Justice Scotland led on the development of a Strategic Commissioning Framework (SCF): a universal process for community justice use at local, national and regional levels. It took a needs-led, outcomes focussed approach and supports system-wide improvements to effective, evidence-based intervention, and to equity of access to services.

This Briefing Paper explains the purpose and timescales of the work, and supported input into its development.

Engagement with community justice partners and wider stakeholders took place in two phases:
1 Roundtables to define the vision for implementation
2 Consultation on the draft Strategic Commissioning Framework – online and a small number of workshops.