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Keith Gardner

Specialist Advisor

Keith Gardner

Keith's role

Keith’s role is to liaise with key partner agencies, e.g. Scottish Government, Social Work Scotland / Justice Social Work, etc. and advise colleagues in Community Justice Scotland on work being planned and undertaken across the sector. Keith has a special interest in legislation and data protection and works with partners on advising, developing and improving a range of activities and products, e.g. Electronic Monitoring, national guidance, information sharing, etc.


Keith’s previous roles have included being a Registered Mental Health Nurse with the NHS, Social Worker (prison and community-based), Social Work manager (as Criminal Justice Manager / Depute Chief Social Work Officer). Since his first post as a Senior Social Worker in 1998 his work experience has focused on, amongst other aspects, the assessment, management and reintegration of people with a history of high-risk behaviours. Over the years, he has worked with many agencies and partners to develop policies, practices and protocols at local and national levels including the delivery of multi-agency training.

His motivation remains the same as throughout his career in justice: working with people to make a difference to those whose lives have been affected by involvement with the criminal justice system in Scotland.

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