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NEWS | 29th September 2020

Here at Community Justice Scotland, we are committed to changing the conversation about justice, increasing understanding and support for what will make Scotland better for all of us.

This vision will only be possible with support from across our society, including justice partners, third sector, those touched by the justice system, the public and beyond. All of us, together, are vital in helping to drive awareness, improvements and a better understanding.

However, to further improve the justice system, we must first understand it, the processes involved and the complexities that people face when navigating it. To that end, we have created an interactive, digital map which outlines the key stages of the Scottish justice system. This first-of-its-kind map shows the range of possible journeys from an alleged crime through to multiple exit points, providing key information and statistics about each step.

Launching on Tuesday 29 September 2020, our map is part of our ambition to create a robust evidence base which we hope will increase understanding and inspire innovation. Soon after we launch, we will run a series of activities which will encourage key audiences to think about justice. And, we’d like you to get involved – here’s how:

  • Social media. Through the Community Justice Scotland Facebook and  Twitter accounts, we will make digital content available, including visuals and information about the map. We would appreciate your support in sharing our messages through your own social media channels, please use the hashtag #smartjustice
  • Creative materials. Please feel free to embed the map, animation and digital banners into your own work including websites, newsletters, intranet etc. For the original file version(s), get in touch:
  • PR. We want to encourage people to think about the justice system, and how complex it is. To help explore this, we will release a series of blogs, Talking Justice, from professionals across a range of sectors. This ‘call for action’ looks at the bigger picture, so that readers can start to connect how various stages of the justice system can tackle the underlying causes of crime by offering treatment, rehabilitation, training and support. Each week, we will publish our blogs here, please read, comment and share with your networks.

You can access Navigating Scotland’s Justice System here: