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Any Other Relevant Information


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Stirling Sheriff and JP Courts

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Stirling Community Justice Partnership

Stirling Community Justice Information

Published: 17 September 2021

The information on this page has been provided by Community Justice Partnerships. Community Justice Scotland is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and is unable to respond to direct queries. All such queries in respect of the information shown on this page should be directed to the Community Justice Partnership to which it relates.

This information will be reviewed and updated where required.

Any Other Relevant Information

Interventions suitable for

Those over 16 years.

Programme Title and Provider

Conduct Requirement / Restriction of Liberty Order – Stirling Justice Service

Details of all Specific national or local scheme/intervention(s) available

Stirling Justice Service can support the monitoring of the restriction of access linked to offending behaviour. For example a restriction from attendance at a football match or a licensed premises or non-contact with an individual through the imposition of a Conduct Requirement. A Conduct Requirement can also stipulate that an individual is required to engage with treatment / counselling for substance misuse.
Stirling Justice Social Work Service are able to provide a Restriction of Liberty Order assessment at the Sheriff’s request for inclusion in the disposals section of a Criminal Justice Social Work Reports. Once an order is imposed then the Court liaises with the monitoring company for the equipment to be installed. The monitoring company are responsible for alerting the Court to any breach of curfew.

Possible Outcomes

[No information specified]

Process for Assessment and/or inclusion in scheme/intervention

Assessment of suitability via Criminal Justice Social Work Reports. Delivered as a sentence of the court.

Other support services

Stirling Justice Social Work has access to a range of support services to respond to specific needs of individuals and tailor a person centered approach to reduce the likelihood of further offending. These can form part of a supervision plan, specific ‘Other Activities’ in relation to unpaid work disposals or via self-referral. A summary of the key support services available in Stirling currently are outlined below:

Primary Pathway

Stirling Support

Education, Training and Employability

Skills Development Scotland
Provide a range of programmes to increase work-based and employability skills in addition to supporting modern apprenticeships. Programmes include a targeted service focusing on individuals at risk of not going into positive future education or employment and a career development focus.
Eligibility: All-age service.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Stirling Community Enterprise

Education and employability services. Holistic person centred approach to support individuals to overcome challenges affecting chances of securing and sustaining employment. Includes volunteering skills, construction and employability support.
Specialist employability support is available for those who are or have been within the community justice system or at risk of becoming involved. This includes support with disclosure and overcoming multiple barriers that prevent individuals from moving forward into further training, education, employment or volunteering. (Part funded by Criminal Justice)
Eligibility: Aged 16-64 years from Stirling area.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral. A specific pathway in relation to ‘other activities’ provision has been developed.

The Wise Group

Community justice mentoring services provide wraparound support and guidance to people serving short-term sentences. Provision of New Routes and SHINE programmes.
Eligibility: New Routes: Men of all ages in the justice system.
SHINE: Women only, noted later in document.
Process for inclusion: Agency of self-referral.

Learning and Employability Service (Local Authority)

  • Provide a range of learning and employability programmes including youth employment that supports people in work, develops people’s core skills, confidence and wider wellbeing.
  • Classroom based learning includes the provision of languages, IT, adult literacy and numeracy, parental engagement and wider learning for work.
  • Wider employability support includes Fair Start Scotland supporting those with a disability or health condition and LEAP Stirling providing learning employability and progression support for individuals facing multiple barriers to employment.

Eligibility: All age service.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.


Stirling Housing First

  • Mainstream social housing and 24 hour support to individuals who are homeless.
  • Support offered includes advice on tenancy management, budgeting, personal safety, cooking, food shopping and peer support.

Eligibility: Aged 18 years and over.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing Scotland

  • Range of holistic services for individuals and families whose life experiences have impacted negatively on their wellbeing.
  • Client centred, holistic, trauma informed therapeutic services.

Eligibility: All age service.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Action in Mind

  • Supporting individuals towards better mental health and wellbeing.
  • Services provision for 16 years and above includes counselling, adult befriending, peer support and group activities, information and signposting.
  • A mobile service operates across rural and remote communities in Stirlingshire.

Eligibility: 12 years and over.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Active Stirling

  • Provision of physical activity and sporting activities across Stirling. Supporting development of employability skills through activities.
  • Focus includes wide community and club activities in addition to cohort specific groups such as women, adults with disabilities, young people and the Recovery Community.

Eligibility: All age service.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Finance and welfare

Advice Services and Welfare Reform Team (Local Authority)

Support, advice and guidance in relation to benefit entitlement and applications, financial management and digital inclusion skills.
Eligibility: All age service.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Department of Work and Pensions/Job Centre Plus

Welfare support and advice.
Eligibility: All age service.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Drug and Alcohol use

Change Grow Live

Community based support and counselling – online, group based and individual.
Eligibility: 18 years +
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Community Alcohol and Drug Service (CADS)

NHS community based support and counselling. Services include assessment, care planning, cognitive behavioural therapeutic interventions and relapse prevention.
Eligibility: 18 years +
Process for inclusion: Agency referral

Alcohol Anonymous (AA)

Local meetings and support.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Local meetings and support.

Forth Valley Recovery Community

Active community approach to recovery. Recovery cafes and support networks/activities across Forth Valley including SMART recovery meetings.
Eligibility: 18 years +
Process for inclusion: Self-referral.

Female specific

Woman’s Aid

Supporting women and children who have experienced domestic abuse.
Eligibility: All age service. Women and children.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.


Women’s outreach service providing intensive support for women and their families, in responding to complex health and social care needs.
Eligibility: All age service. Women and children.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.


Women’s one-to-one mentoring service supporting holistic needs
Eligibility: Adult females in custody serving less than four years, on remand or subject to a Community Payback Order.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Grace’s Chocolates

Social enterprise which offers support, training, work experience.
Eligibility: Adult females who have been involved in the justice system.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.


Families Outside

Supports families affected by imprisonment across a range of issues including housing, finance and emotional support. Telephone contact and one-to-one support available.
Eligibility: All families affected by imprisonment.
Process for inclusion: Agency or self-referral.

Additional (Justice specific)


Adult Justice Service – 1 to 1 support for individuals across a range of holistic pathways. (Part funded by Criminal Justice).
Eligibility: Up to 25 years of age
Process for inclusion: Agency referral.