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Literature Review: The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Justice Voluntary Sector

INSIGHT | 13th September 2021

This literature review has been compiled in Phase 1 of a research project that we are conducting in collaboration with the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum. The project is in response to a recommendation made in our Community Justice Outcome Activity Across Scotland Annual Report 2019-2020 which states that CJS should “scope out research, in collaboration with the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum (CJVSF), to assess the impact of the pandemic on third sector services”.

Our literature review has been compiled by a MSc student from Edinburgh Napier University, Abby White, who joined CJS on a work placement during her summer term. The report examines existing research and publications to draw out themes relating to the impact of COVID-19 on the justice voluntary sector and third sector organisations, providing a strong foundation for our ongoing research. Read the literature review here.

Phase 2 of our research is due to commence in September 2021 and further reports will be published in due course.