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Rose McConnachie

Improvement Lead

Rose McConnachie

Rose's role

Rose is an Improvement Lead for Community Justice Scotland, connecting with local and national partners to share information, develop ideas, and drive activity to support improvement in community justice across Scotland, at a local and national level.


Rose has an MA in Psychology from the University of St Andrews and an MSc in Criminology & Criminal Justice from Edinburgh University, where she focussed on policing, mental health and crime.

After her Criminology degree, Rose worked in the Third Sector at Sacro and with the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum, conducting research, developing policy positions and co-ordinating cross sector engagement to inform policy, practice and collaboration. Rose also worked for the MAPPA Co-ordination Unit for Edinburgh, the Lothians and Scottish Borders, supporting statutory agencies and their partners in coordinating the multi-agency management in the community.

Rose has a particular interest in the journey of women through the criminal justice system, and collaboration across sectors to inform innovation and systemic change. Rose thinks we can work together to make community justice better for everyone.

Before becoming an Improvement Lead, Rose held the role of Policy Development Lead where she CJS supported engagement in the rapidly shifting justice policy landscape, leading development of our policy positions and considering implications for the many stakeholders in community justice.