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Ashana Dunstan

Project Officer

Ashana Dunstan

Ashana's role

Ashana is Project Officer at Community Justice Scotland. Her role involves supporting and overseeing project work within the organisation. She helps project leads plan projects, provide insights into risk, and assist with delivery of projects through various different mechanisms.

Overall, Ashana’s role is about support and communication – to help those involved in project work to achieve positive outcomes that lead to successful implementation and embedding of change inside and outside of the organisation.


Ashana worked in the Housing sector for just under six years at the City of Edinburgh Council. She started as a Modern Apprentice Housing Assistant in 2017, working with tenants and residents in various localities throughout the city. The foundation of her career has been grounded in helping people.

In her time at the Council Ashana learned a lot about the issues and factors which affect peoples’ access to good quality housing. The intersections between health and social care, justice and housing are some professional interests she has developed along the way.