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Alec Spencer

Alec Spencer

Alec's role

Alec has been an operational prison governor and a Director of the Scottish Prison Service. He served as Chairman of the Scottish Accreditation Panel for Offender Programmes and, on a temporary basis, as Chief Officer of Tayside Community Justice Authority. He is an Honorary Professor at Stirling University, and was formerly the Chair of the Scottish Association for the Study of Offending and Convener of the Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice. He has been an adviser to the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee and a member of Audit Scotland’s Advisory Panel on Criminal Justice System reviews.


Alec was founder and first Chair of the Scottish charity ‘Families Outside’; Chair of Includem (a Scottish charity for the most vulnerable and troubled young people); and is a trustee of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation (UK charity dedicated to the protection of children from sexual abuse). He has published a book about working with sex offenders, reviews of Scottish Criminal Justice system and provided reports for the Scottish Government.

Read Alec’s Register of Interests here.