The Framework for Smart Justice, Strategic Commissioning Framework: Frequently Asked Questions

Scottish Government have asked CJS to develop a Framework for three years that focusses on good practice guidance for strategic commissioning, and advised that they hope to see effective delivery across community justice partners and partnerships by that time. They have also made a long term commitment to embedding joint strategic planning and delivery in community justice. The FAQ sheet has been created to update partners on ‘The Framework for Smart Justice’ scope, timescales and opportunities to connect with the work.

Download FAQs here.


  1. Angela Pert

    Good afternoon

    I took up the post of Development Officer for Angus Community Justice Partnership (ACJP) in mid April and was fortunate to attend my first Co-ordinators Meeting at COSLA in May. The timing of the event was perfect just having started my new post, as it provided me the opportunity to meet colleagues from other local authorities and gain a more indepth understanding of Community Justice Scotland’s vision and reasoning for bringing partners together to achieve the best outcomes for our citizens. I look forward to receiving the Framework for consultation and attending the workshop in Perth in July 2019.



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