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Community Payback Order Treatment: Drugs

Last updated: 12th July 2024


Where the order contains a drug treatment requirement an individual must submit to treatment by or under the direction of a specified person with a view to reducing or eliminating the offender’s dependency on, or propensity to misuse, drugs.

Further Information:

Trauma informed, ACE aware, person-centred support is offered by third sector specialist providers across WD. Service users can be referred to both West Dunbartonshire Addiction Service, Alternatives Community Drug Service and Turning Point Scotland Near Fatal Overdose Project as appropriate. Residential Rehabilitation: Spaces are sought on the basis on resources (financial) and availability. West Dunbartonshire Addiction Service: • Alternatives: Community Drug Service • Turning Point Scotland: Near Fatal Overdose Project • Residential Rehabilitation: Range of options for residential rehabilitation available through Third Sector Providers.