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Community Payback Order Unpaid Work

Last updated: 12th July 2024


Where the order contains an unpaid work or other activity requirement an individual must undertake unpaid work for a specified number of hours in the community. This should have a focus on reparation and providing a clear tangible benefit to the local community. It may also include requiring the individual to take responsibility for their own behaviour by spending time, through the “other activity” component of the requirement, on developing their interpersonal, educational, and vocational skills to support long-term desistance from offending.

Further Information:

Unpaid Work provided by South Lanarkshire Justice Social Work and by Action for Children. Workshops on a range of areas including woodwork, joinery, horticulture, cookery, and knitting. Remote unpaid work involves creating safety blankets from crisp packets and creation of rugs from pre-loved items of clothing, which are provided to local animal charities. Another project for pathfinder dogs where service users support a recycling bottle top process. This aids the charity to access funds to train guide dogs for those with sight loss. The Diamond Art project which provides an opportunity for those on unpaid work to create works of art using gemstones which are then donated to charities. Bread making is also facilitated at base with products being distributed to foodbanks, homeless projects and residential care facilities. Other activities focus on restorative work in areas such as parks, forest areas and walkway. Employability workshops are facilitated to support people back into employment, including access to IT equipment with support to update or create a C.V and access to learning courses. A dedicated educational gardener provides opportunities to acquire skills in horticulture. Personalised placements are provided for those who struggle in group settings, this includes placements in charity shops.