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Community Payback Order Treatment: Alcohol

Last updated: 27th June 2024


Where the order contains an alcohol treatment requirement an individual must submit to treatment by or under the direction of a specified person with a view to the reduction or elimination of the offender’s dependency on alcohol.

Further Information:

Community Addiction Recovery Service (CAReS) This service offers both medical and social work supports for those experiencing challenges in relation to alcohol dependence. The Beacons and Liber8 Lanarkshire Ltd This service comprises of peer support networks coupled with therapeutic interventions and access to psychotherapy. Regen:FX “The GIVIT” for those aged 16-25 and operate a youth work approach and provide outreach services to young people who experience challenges as a result of their alcohol use. A range of options for those who require support in relation to their alcohol use and recovery is tailored to meet individual needs, a and provide access to appropriate treatment. Those assessed will generally be referred to the Community Addiction Recovery Service (CAReS) who will undertake an assessment. A treatment plan will be agreed, and support options discussed. Individuals can access multi-disciplinary supports with access to a team comprised of both medical and social work staff via the Community Addiction Recovery service (CAReS). Supports can include: • Range of harm reduction interventions (BBV Testing, Hepatitis B Immunisation, Naloxone provision, OD Training) • Access to Occupational Therapy, Psychiatry and Psychology if required. • Linkage to Recovery Communities and employability • Assessment and funding of Residential Rehabilitation.