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Lucy Faithful Foundation Scotland (LFFS)

Last updated: 12th July 2024

Type of service:


Need supported:

  • Sexual Offending


LFFS (previously Stop It Now! Scotland) has been operating since 2008 to prevent child sexual abuse in Scotland. Their vision is to make Scotland a place where children live free from sexual abuse. They protect children by providing support to people with problematic sexual thoughts about children and those at risk of committing sexual offences against children who do not have access to statutory support. This includes those who are under investigation for online offences. Helping people achieve positive change and make better choices that protect children from harm long-term is critical to preventing child sexual abuse. The team comprises staff with significant child protection experience from social work, law enforcement and forensic psychology. In addition, they support families affected by abuse and help statutory services who work with families to create safer environments for children. They then use their experience and expertise to raise awareness amongst professionals and parents on how to prevent child sexual abuse before it happens.

Suitability criteria:

  • All genders
  • All ages

They do not work with offenders arrested for contact offences against children.

Assessment/referral process:

  • Self-referral

They work with adults and children/young people (under 18) who have been arrested or are under investigation for viewing illegal images of children and grooming online. Their services are for adults and young people who are unable to access statutory services. Therefore, their group work and 1-1 work should not be offered as part of a sentence and are typically delivered before sentencing. Or they have been offered their services through diversion from prosecution and – for young people – where cases are dealt with via the children’ hearing system. • Clients call us directly (self-refer). Police Scotland provides a leaflet about our service upon arrest for a sexual offence against a child individual. • Clients can call 0131 556 3535 or call the UK helpline on 0808 1000 900. Or email: • If a client receives support and undertakes one of their psycho-educational programmes, the team can provide a court report on the client’ participation and engagement with the service for their hearing. There is a fee associated with this.

Further Information:

1-1 and group work programmes available: • Inform Plus: ten-week psycho-educational programme for individuals who have come to the attention of the justice or worried about their online behaviour. • Breaking the links: ten-week psycho-educational programme for individuals who are worried about their sexual thoughts towards children (offline and online) but have experienced trauma themselves. • Inform Young People: 1-1 only programme for young people who have displayed problematic sexual behaviour online. The parent charity’ Stop It Now UK helpline (0808 1000 900) provides a confidential/anonymous space for anyone with concerns about sexual abuse (funded by the Home Office). The service supports anyone wanting advice about how to prevent sexual abuse in a specific situation. It is available to those who are worried about their own sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviours LFFS offer individualised assessments and/or intervention work with any individual involved with sexual offending and children (pre or post-sentencing). 1-1 counselling service for individuals who may present a sexual risk of harm to children, including those who have been convicted of a sexual offence. Also available to partners /family of an individual involved with sexual offending.