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Intensive Housing Support Team (Turning Point Scotland)

Last updated: 18th July 2024

Type of service:


Need supported:

  • Accommodation / Homelessness
  • Alcohol
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Drugs
  • Employability / Training / Career
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Health / Wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Military Veterans
  • Re-integration
  • Short-term Prisoners
  • Women


  • Intensive Housing support service aims to support individuals using the 7 principals of Housing First model to: Sustain their tenancies. Find and be a part of their community (whoever and wherever that may be). To reduce harm in their lives in relation to offending, alcohol and other drugs use. Establishing their rights, choices and identity in relation to these, the role they play in their lives and that of others, the relationships they have and want to build, the responsibilities they have in their day to day interactions and the resources they will require support with in order to fulfil these. Supporting individuals with more complex needs where other services may have struggled in the past to gain engagement and intervention, where people are at risk of homelessness but living in a tenancy.

Suitability criteria:

  • All genders
  • All ages

Assessment/referral process:

  • Any agency

Individual should be or have a history of homelessness and/or one of the following a current or historic dependence on alcohol or other drugs which is impacting on ability to sustain a tenancy and/or a history of offending behaviour and/or the need for frequent intervention from health and other services. Service is available to anyone (16+) meeting the above criteria. To refer for Intensive Housing Support Service a referral form needs to be completed and submitted to the housing options email address, this will then be discussed during a panel meeting of professionals to determine suitability for the service and if not suitable for IHS what alternative provision should be referred too – referrer is then contacted with outcome of the discussion.

Further Information:

The service will meet people where they are at using a Housing First based approach.