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Community Payback Order: Unpaid Work


Local Authority area:

Perth & Kinross

Primary Courts of relevance:

Perth Sheriff Court and Perth Justice of the Peace Court

All information provided by:

Perth & Kinross Community Justice Partnership

Perth & Kinross Community Justice Information

Published: 16 November 2022

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Community Payback Order: Unpaid Work

Interventions suitable for

Criminal Justice Social Work clients who have been formally assessed by a criminal justice social worker as being suitable to undertake an unpaid work requirement

Programme Title and Provider

Unpaid work requirement

Details of all Specific national or local scheme/intervention(s) available

Unpaid Work in Perth and Kinross operates as part of the Westbank Project. It has attracted ESF funding to add value to the statutory funding and develop training opportunities for a range of client groups on site. This arrangement ensures clients mix with other groups so they can support each other. It also seeks to provide offenders with employability opportunities and some qualifications. The UPW team in Perth is organised so as to be ‘business-like’ in its approach and as a consequence has attracted significant ‘investment’ in staff equipment and the property in recent years. It operates an electronic referrals system which invites a broad spectrum of people and community groups to ask for its help.

Clients have access to: a large allotment; poly-tunnels; beehives; well-equipped workshop. They will gain experience in horticulture, cultivation, Ground clearance and maintenance, landscaping, fencing, building, garden furniture making, painting and decorating.

The UPW team works closely with the Safer Communities Team as part of a multi-agency response to address Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour through – Graffiti Removal, Fly Tipping Removal, Chewing Gum removal, City
Centre Improvements and is a ls a key partner in planning and preparation for a wide range of events in the City Centre and elsewhere.

The Team operates across Perth and Kinross very often in partnership with community group such as hall committees and Bloom Groups. The UPW Team is an integrated and effective partner in delivery of services in Perth and Kinross.

Possible Outcomes

The main objectives of an unpaid work requirements as part of a CPO are:

to provide courts with a community based penalty which has the potential to achieve a positive outcome in respect of the individual’s likelihood of reoffending;

to ensure that courts have access at all times to a community sentence for use as a first response which requires the individual to undertake unpaid work for a specified number of hours in community;

to provide a high-quality community-based intervention which balances pay back to the community with opportunities for individuals to address their offending behaviour whilst supporting them towards positive change; and to provide individuals with an opportunity to gain skills and access the supports required to lead positive lives and desist from offending.

Process for Assessment and/or inclusion in scheme/intervention

A pre-sentence assessment is completed in the form of a Criminal Justice Social Work Report (CJSWR). The report will consider the pattern, nature, seriousness, likelihood and imminence of reoffending to inform decisions about whether a community sentence is feasible. Suitability for an Unpaid Work Requirement will be assessed by completion of an Unpaid Work assessment form. This form considers a variety of pertinent factors including: health issues (mental and physical); drug and alcohol issues; whether the client is in receipt of benefits; childcare issues and residency situation including travel options to Perth.