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Community Payback Order Unpaid Work

Last updated: 28th June 2024


Where the order contains an unpaid work or other activity requirement an individual must undertake unpaid work for a specified number of hours in the community. This should have a focus on reparation and providing a clear tangible benefit to the local community. It may also include requiring the individual to take responsibility for their own behaviour by spending time, through the “other activity” component of the requirement, on developing their interpersonal, educational, and vocational skills to support long-term desistance from offending.

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Unpaid Work (UPW) in Perth and Kinross operates as part of the Westbank Project. The Project also accommodates a Community Garden, Structured Deferred Sentence, Outdoor Classroom, and a Training Centre. It is intended that the training and employability offer will be expanded in 2024-25 and will be available to young people, people serving community sentences, people released from remand or prison sentence, in addition to the community groups accessing the project currently. The project operates an electronic referrals system inviting a broad-spectrum of referrals. Clients have access to a large allotment; polytunnels; bee hives; well-equipped workshop and gain experience in horticulture, cultivation, ground clearance and maintenance, landscaping, fencing, building, garden furniture making, painting and decorating. The UPW team works closely with the Safer Communities Team as part of a Multi-Agency response to address Anti-Social Behaviour through – Graffiti / Chewing Gum / Fly Tipping and City Centre Improvements and is a key partner in planning and preparation for a wide range of events in the City Centre and elsewhere. The Team operates across Perth and Kinross very often in partnership with community group. The UPW Team is an integrated and effective partner in delivery of services in Perth and kinross.