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Community Payback Order Treatment: Alcohol

Last updated: 2nd July 2024


Where the order contains an alcohol treatment requirement an individual must submit to treatment by or under the direction of a specified person with a view to the reduction or elimination of the offender’s dependency on alcohol.

Further Information:

Interventions and support provided by Addiction Recovery Team include detox, aversion drugs such as acamprosate, relapse prevention and other coping skill strategies. Additional support may be provided by mutual aid groups (AA), Building Futures as listed below. An alcohol treatment requirement is imposed where the individual’s dependence on alcohol contributes to offending. A supervision requirement must be imposed. North Division Airdrie Social Work Locality 01236-757000. Cumbernauld Social Locality 01236-638700. Coatbridge Social Work Locality 01236-622100. South Division: Wishaw Social Work Locality 01698-348200. Motherwell Social Work Locality 01698 332100. Bellshill Social Work Locality 01698-346666.