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Community Payback Order Supervision

Last updated: 2nd July 2024


Where the order contains an offender supervision requirement, an individual must attend appointments as specified by justice social work for the purposes of promoting rehabilitation.

Further Information:

Each individual has an allocated case manager who plans, manages, reviews and evaluates supervision. The case manager directly provides support, supports engagement with other services and assists the person to build their capacity and opportunity to change. Interventions address specific behaviours such as: • Alcohol/drug use and include alcohol brief intervention, relapse prevention or referral to Addiction Recovery Team for specialist pharmacological or psychosocial interventions. • Leisure/recreation whereby the individual is supported to engage in prosocial activities. • Employment / education such as support from Remploy, Routes To Work, Venture Trust. • Interventions to address relationships/parenting include Solihull parenting programme, communication skills and family work. • Interventions to address pro-criminal attitudes and behaviour include anger management, impulsivity, self-control, victim awareness and core cognitive and behavioural skills. • Interventions and support also target identified needs such as health, housing, debt and responsivity issues such as motivation, denial and learning style. North Division Airdrie Social Work Locality 01236-757000. Cumbernauld Social Locality 01236-638700. Coatbridge Social Work Locality 01236-622100. South Division: Wishaw Social Work Locality 01698-348200. Motherwell Social Work Locality 01698 332100. Bellshill Social Work Locality 01698-346666.