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Community Payback Order Programme: Sexual Offences

Last updated: 27th June 2024

Programme Name:

Moving Forward 2 Change (MF2C)


MF: MC has been re-designed to draw on the latest available evidence base and respond to the MF: MC evaluation and consultation with relevant stakeholders. The re-design is called Moving Forward 2 Change (MF2C). The design and pilot phase has concluded. Roll out of MF2C has begun across and community sites. It will also be rolled out to the state hospital. It is anticipated that the roll out will be complete by the end of 2025. MF2C has been designed for males aged over 18 who have been convicted of a sexual offence, or a non-sexual offence that contains a sexual element and who have been assessed as medium and high risk / needs profile on Stable and Acute 2007 (SA07).

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Further Information:

Individuals meeting the criteria above will have aan allocated Social Worker who refers in to the MF2C team upon imposition of a statutory order or license. A screening process is in place to assess suitability and to agree intervention pathway on MF2C. If assessed suitable then the programme is delivered to the individual in a groupwork setting by centralised groupwork facilitators trained in MF2C and who are situated in the MF2C centralised team.