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Community Payback Order: Unpaid Work


Local Authority area:

Na h-Eileanan Siar

Primary Courts of relevance:

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All information provided by:

Na h-Eileanan Siar Community Justice Partnership

Na h-Eileanan Siar Community Justice Information

Published: 30 November 2021

The information on this page has been provided by Community Justice Partnerships. Community Justice Scotland is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and is unable to respond to direct queries. All such queries in respect of the information shown on this page should be directed to the Community Justice Partnership to which it relates.

In Spring 2022, the information will be reviewed and updated where required. Thereafter a review, and any necessary revisions, will take place three times annually.

Community Payback Order: Unpaid Work

Interventions suitable for

[No information specified]

Programme Title and Provider

Unpaid work

Details of all Specific national or local scheme/intervention(s) available

Level 1: 20 – 100 hours
Level 2: 101 – 300 hours
The Unpaid Work service in Lewis and Harris is delivered by one full-time worker – he works Monday to Friday, and Saturdays as required and possible.
In Lewis & Harris there are placements available on a general work party (i.e. the group is directly supervised by the Unpaid Work Case Manager), or in placements out in the community.
The Unpaid Work service in Uist and Barra is managed by a part-time Social Worker (who is based in Balivanich).
In Uist and Barra there is no option to attend a ‘work party’. Individuals subject to Unpaid Work need to attend work placements provided by beneficiaries in the community e.g. charitable organisations, care homes.
‘Other activity’ under an Unpaid Work Community Payback Order is utilised routinely in order to maximise the use of local supports and interventions, including recovery services, mental health services and any intervention that helps increase the likelihood of employment / education.

Possible Outcomes

An individual has the opportunity to make reparation for offence(s), take responsibility, enhance employability prospects, interpersonal skills and improve their relationship with local communities.

Process for Assessment and/or inclusion in scheme/intervention

Unpaid work would normally be imposed following the completion of a Justice Social Work Report to Court highlighting the appropriateness and suitability. However, Level 1 Unpaid work orders can be imposed directly from the Court and individuals are seen quickly after imposition to ensure understanding of Unpaid Work Community Payback Orders as well as carry out induction etc.