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Bail Supervision

Last updated: 12th July 2024


Bail supervision is a social work or third sector service that supports people to comply with the conditions of their bail where they are assessed as requiring a level of supervision, monitoring, and support to do so. It requires the individual to meet with a bail supervisor (or nominated worker from a relevant agency) a specified number of times per week, and can include the provision of direct support, as well as signposting and assistance to access relevant support services. It should be noted that electronic monitoring (EM) is an additional way of monitoring bail conditions that can be put in place, either in addition to or separately to bail supervision.

Further Information:

There is no set Bail Supervision ‘scheme’ – this service is provided by the core Justice Social Work service upon request. Low numbers remanded from the local area and low use of Bail Supervision requests. Local Courts aware of the potential for Bail Supervision through communication with CoPFS locally and local Sheriff.