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Community Payback Order Supervision

Last updated: 12th July 2024


Where the order contains an offender supervision requirement, an individual must attend appointments as specified by justice social work for the purposes of promoting rehabilitation.

Further Information:

The team are proactive in developing links with partners such as UHI Moray, Moray Pathways, DWP etc, to support further training and employment. Proactive follow up home visits if people are not attending to check in. RISE is a person centred, trauma informed programme. We provide a rolling group programme offering a range of health and wellbeing activities to women in the justice system. It is delivered by justice services and local partners to encourage improved wellbeing, participation and increase confidence in accessing community supports and a referral out of justice services. Following a successful pilot and evaluation. A further programme has been developed which will run until April 2024, working with wider partners. We will continue to showcase the work being undertaken at the polytunnel including the support for participants and the wider community benefit.