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Community Payback Order Supervision

Last updated: 27th June 2024


Where the order contains an offender supervision requirement, an individual must attend appointments as specified by justice social work for the purposes of promoting rehabilitation.

Further Information:

A supervision requirement, the individual is provided with support and assistance to reduce their risk of further offending. The factors considered relevant to the risk of further offending are identified, then a case management plan is developed in collaboration with the client, which forms the basis of the interventions. The level of contact as part of the supervision requirement is in line with the assessed level of risk. We provide bespoke interventions for men and women that form the work undertaken within a supervision requirement: The Spring Service – is available for women who may benefit from support with their mental health, substance use and experience of past or current trauma and/or abuse. As attendance at this service is voluntary we do not ask for this to be included as a Programme requirement rather we would include it as part of the case management action plan. STRIDE offers male clients opportunity to learn skills to cope with difficult and stressful situations, problematic behaviour, including offending, build confidence and reduce feelings of loneliness. The focus within Stride will be less offence focused but rather look to address the individual’ experience of trauma and offer strategies to better process trauma.