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Community Payback Order Unpaid Work

Last updated: 28th June 2024


Where the order contains an unpaid work or other activity requirement an individual must undertake unpaid work for a specified number of hours in the community. This should have a focus on reparation and providing a clear tangible benefit to the local community. It may also include requiring the individual to take responsibility for their own behaviour by spending time, through the “other activity” component of the requirement, on developing their interpersonal, educational, and vocational skills to support long-term desistance from offending.

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The main UPW scheme in Fife operates 5/7 days per week. Due to our large geographical landscape – we have two workshops in Dunfermline & Kirkcaldy, and several meet points throughout Fife. Potential projects are assessed by project officers, and our UPW teams complete around 300 local projects each year for the benefit of communities. At the conclusion of each project, a plaque is left indicating the Unpaid Work Scheme has carried out the work. We also have a range of personal placements which individuals can attending including Barnardo’, Shelter, Salvation Army, Furniture Plus, Castle Furniture and the Cottage. Our Women’ Justice Teams have a range of UPW opportunities including personal placements, a sewing squad and projects at the Deer Centre and Lochlore Meadows. Visibility of community projects plays an important part in raising the awareness of the positive contribution Unpaid Work can have in the local community, as well as for the individuals undertaking the work. We promote and share positive news articles on our Intranet and Service X / Twitter page.