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Community Payback Order Programme: Domestic Offences

Last updated: 27th June 2024

Programme Name:

The Caledonian System


The Caledonian System is an integrated approach to addressing domestic abuse perpetrated by adult male offenders and improving the lives of women and children. The system was developed to replace several local authority initiatives previously in place and has been in operation since 2009. The Caledonian System takes the form of an intervention system comprising of: • The Men’s Service – which provides a programme of work with male perpetrators of domestic abuse lasting at least two years, which includes preparation and motivation sessions; a group work programme of twenty-five sessions and post group work. This is delivered by trained social workers. • The Women’s Service – which provides a safety planning, information, advice and emotional support to female partners and ex-partners. This can be delivered by trained social workers or in partnership with third parties such as Women’ Aid. • The Children’s Service – which ensures that the needs of the children whose parents are involved with the Caledonian are met and their rights upheld. Internal and external protocols, coupled with training, have been designed to maximise women and children’s safety. The programme is delivered by a Caledonian Central Team based within Community Justice Scotland (CJS) who provide oversight and training.

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Fife Groupwork has been delivering the accredited Caledonian System, for men convicted of domestic abuse offences, since 2019. At the moment there are currently three Caledonian groups running in Fife – two evening groups and one day group. We have had encouraging feedback from men who have completed the programme, the majority of whom have been able to identify the positive learning. Within the Caledonian System, we also provide a Caledonian Women’ Service which delivers support to partners / victims and children.