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STOP (Anti-sectarianism/hate crime services); SACRO

Last updated: 11th July 2024

Type of service:


Need supported:

  • Sectarian / Hate Crime
  • Young People


Positive, achievable, and sustainable changes in attitudes and behaviours.

Suitability criteria:

  • All genders
  • All ages

Assessment/referral process:

  • Court, Other, Self-referral, Social work

The service is available to anyone aged 12 and over who has been charged with a first time and/or a low to moderate level Sectarian or Hate Crime offence. • Social Work • Court • EEI • Police • Football Clubs • Self-Referral • COPFS Referrals can be made by using the contact details below. Privacy & Consent, Engagement and Participation agreements are required to be accepted by all participants. Pre-module assessment materials are also utilised to assess Hate Crime attitudes and to look at all areas of the service user’ life to ensure a thoroughly holistic approach to identifying needs.

Website link:

Further Information:

Sacro’ STOP service effectively tackles all low to moderate levels of Sectarian and Hate Crime offences that occur anywhere in our communities (e.g., workplace, school, organised events and parades, football matches or social media/online). STOP can also assist with those at risk of radicalisation. The service uses a programme, which has been designed to educate and rehabilitate individuals to ensure positive, achievable and sustainable changes in attitudes and behaviours. The programme can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or to groups. The STOP service was specifically designed to work with DfP/EEI cases and can now also consider SDS, CPO and post prosecution referrals. The programme addresses the root cause of discrimination whilst challenging the attitudes and behaviours that have contributed to the offending.