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Community Payback Order: Treatment: Mental Health


Local Authority area:

East Ayrshire

Primary Courts of relevance:

Kilmarnock and Ayr

All information provided by:

East Ayrshire Community Justice Partnership

East Ayrshire Community Justice Information

Published: 30 November 2021

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Community Payback Order: Treatment: Mental Health

Interventions suitable for

For a mental health treatment requirement to be imposed under a CPO, the court has to be satisfied, following evidence from a registered medical practitioner, that:

  • The individual suffers from a mental health condition;
  • The condition requires and may be susceptible to treatment; and
  • That the condition is not such as to require compulsory treatment under section 64 of the 2003 Act or a compulsion order under section 57A of the 1995 Act.
  • The person must agree to the mental health treatment requirement otherwise the requirement cannot be made.

Programme title and provider

Treatment: Mental health

The purpose of imposing a mental health treatment requirement is to ensure that an individual who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition and/or learning disability which contributes to the person’s offending receives support, care and treatment to enable them to improve their mental health in terms of their mental health needs.

Resilience in Stressful Events (RISE), Ayrshire wide community service which will address the common mental health needs such as anxiety and depression for individuals who have come into contact with Justice Services

Details of all Specific national or local scheme/intervention(s) available

As per National Outcomes and Standards A mental health treatment requirement is imposed to enable the individual to access assessment and treatment by or under the direction of a registered medical practitioner or registered psychologist with a view to the improvement of the individual’s mental health. This treatment will be determined by the opinion of a registered medical practitioner or registered psychologist and should be recorded and updated in the case management plan.

Possible Outcomes

The person may receive treatment as an outpatient, day patient or in patient (not secure care). A referral to the appropriate community care social work service should be considered where it is assessed there may be ongoing support needs, once a compulsory treatment order and CPO are no longer in force. It is good practice for the community care social work service to undertake an assessment to determine needs and services which can be offered to help provide support.

Process for Assessment and/or inclusion in scheme/intervention

Criminal Justice Social Work Reports interview; Level of Service Case Management Inventory (LSCMi)
Discussion with named Psychiatrist; Community Mental Health Team; Care Programme Approach as relevant to the individual

Where no specific scheme/intervention is available, is there capacity to provide a bespoke service based on judicial request?

Not with current resources without more information