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Community Payback Order Unpaid Work

Last updated: 12th July 2024


Where the order contains an unpaid work or other activity requirement an individual must undertake unpaid work for a specified number of hours in the community. This should have a focus on reparation and providing a clear tangible benefit to the local community. It may also include requiring the individual to take responsibility for their own behaviour by spending time, through the “other activity” component of the requirement, on developing their interpersonal, educational, and vocational skills to support long-term desistance from offending.

Further Information:

Argyll and Bute Unpaid Work Scheme operate a range of projects focused on gardening, landscaping, developing community gardens and allotments gravel path laying, beach clearing, litter picking, painting and decorating, fly tipping, refurbishing benches, pointing stone walls, fence repairs and clearing community footpaths. Projects are identified through working closely with Community Councils, Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park and local access trusts as well as schools, community centres and third sector organisations. Individual placements can also be provided by Barnardo’s, Oxfam, Shelter, Debra and Cancer Research Charity Shops, Hope Kitchen, Fyne Futures and Kintyre Recycling Projects, Bute Produce, Green Shoots, Cyber Cafe, Bute Oasis, Park Mobility and Re-jig Islay.