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Community Payback Order Programme: Domestic Offences

Last updated: 11th July 2024

Programme Name:

Fergus Programme: Local Inhouse 28-Week Group Programme


Sessions and homework involve topics e.g., focus on self-management and self-regulation to determine what triggers the individual’ abusive behaviour, help them gain an understanding of how their beliefs and values have influenced their pattern of abuse, and develop effective problem-solving skills and strategies to avoid situations that could increase their risk of reoffending in a similar nature.

Further Information:

A locally developed in-house offence focused programme, delivered by two JSW with some sessions jointly facilitated with experienced Child and Family Social Workers. Their supervising officer is also kept up to date with their progress and any issues arising that might be impacting on their learning or compliance. The programme is in two parts, starting with pre-programme work, which is undertaken on a 2:1 basis to assess their ‘readiness for change’, the level of understanding as to their abusive behaviour and any associated needs. The evaluation is completed again at the end of the pre-programme sessions to assess the work undertaken and identify any changes in their attitude and beliefs that will determine their suitability and motivation for the programme. The programme is delivered in a group setting and, in some circumstances on a 2:1 basis. At the end of the programme the individual will attend monthly maintenance meetings until completion of their CPO, along with the opportunity to attend voluntary aftercare meetings once their order has ended.