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Community Payback Order Unpaid Work

Last updated: 12th July 2024


Where the order contains an unpaid work or other activity requirement an individual must undertake unpaid work for a specified number of hours in the community. This should have a focus on reparation and providing a clear tangible benefit to the local community. It may also include requiring the individual to take responsibility for their own behaviour by spending time, through the “other activity” component of the requirement, on developing their interpersonal, educational, and vocational skills to support long-term desistance from offending.

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Unpaid Work (UPW) is available across the whole of Aberdeenshire for all ages and genders. The UPW Service has Task Supervisors at bases in Banff, Fraserburgh, Inverurie, Peterhead and Stonehaven, with vans available to collect and drop off those individuals who cannot reach the workshop, project or community space by other means. UPW projects are available throughout Aberdeenshire, the work provided is wide and varied and is adapted to individual ability and skill level. Both outdoor and indoor projects are available, with workshops utilised when the weather makes outdoor work unsuitable. A higher level of support is also available through a smaller programme team for those individuals who are identified as being likely to benefit from an increased level of support in order to engage with the service. A range of physical, educational, employability and recreational activities have also been identified which can be classed as Any Other Activity and count towards the overall number of unpaid work hours imposed.