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Warningaccepted End ofsentence End ofsentence 120 Recall toprison End ofsentence Recall toprison RLO successfullycompleted 097 Hearing Requested Only No further proceedings 001 CrimeCommitted(alleged) i 008 Dealt with by DetectingAgency i 003 Detected by Police i 006 Crimerecorded by Police i 009 Investigationby Police i 010 Not detected i 007 Recorded as Incident Only by the Police(No Evidence of a Crime) 004 Reported to Police i 005 Not reported/detected i 011 Crime clearedup by Police i 013 Reported to Crown Office and Procurator Fiscals Service (COPFS) i 014 RecordedPoliceWarning i 017 Appeal/Not Paid/ Hearing Requested/Not Accepted i 015 Police ConditionalOffer of FixedPenalty i 018 Fine (Unpaid ASB Fixed Penalty) i 019 Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal (COPFS) mark cases i 021 Marked forCourt i 023 SolemnProcedure i 024 SummaryProcedure i 025 Petition (in Sheriff Court) and consideration of bail i 027 Local Procurators Fiscalreport toCrown Counsel i 051 Sheriff Court i 065 Complaint i 050 High Court i 053 Not Guilty plea i 055 Jury Trial i 060 Guilty plea i 061 Not Guilty pleaaccepted i 063 S.76 Guilty plea i 028 Crown Counsel advise local Procurators Fiscal i 022 COPFS DirectMeasure i 012 Reported to other agency e.g. Children’sReporter Administration i CRIME INVESTIGATION AND CHARGE SENTENCING SERVING SENTENCE END OF SENTENCE CASE MARKING FISCAL DIRECT MEASURE COURT 016 Anti-SocialBehaviourFixed Penalty i 002 Detected byother source i i 066 Sheriff Court i 074 Justice of thePeace Court i 075 Not Guilty pleaaccepted i 067 Not Guilty plea i 077 Guilty plea i 057 Not Guiltyverdict i 056 Not Provenverdict i 059 Guilty verdict i 064 Judge considerssentence i 078 Sentencing i 081 Custodialsentence i 144 Remitted toChildren's Hearing System i re-entry 085 Communitysentence i 031 Fixed penalty for RoadTraffic Offences (inc.fixed penalty points) i 029 FiscalWarning i 036 CompensationOrder i 039 Fiscal Work Order i 083 Long term prison sentence i 082 Short term prison sentence i 084 Life sentence i 138 Order for LifelongRestriction (OLR) i 133 Released onlife licence 134 Compliance with post-sentence requirements i 136 Non-compliance with post-sentence requirements i 127 No early release i 071 Not Guiltyverdict i 072 Not Provenverdict i 068 trial i 070 Guilty verdict i 042 Diversion fromProsecution i No further proceedings No further proceedings i 073 No further proceedings No further proceedings i SJS-019 i 076 062 i 058 No further proceedings 020 No action i No further action (not enough evidence) 026 i i 030 Fixed penaltyaccepted i 032 038 Individual refuses offer i Compensationorder completed i 037 041 Individual refuses offer or Order is not completed satisfactorily i 043 Case referred to Criminal Justice Social Work (CJSW) to assess suitability i Work completedsatisfactorily i 040 Diversion from Prosecution completed i 049 035 Individual refuses offer i Fine paid i 034 045 Individual deemedunsuitable forDiversion i 044 Individual deemedsuitable for Diversion i 048 Diversion requirementnot successfullycompleted i 047 Individual accepts offer of Diversion from Prosecution i 046 Individual refuses referral i 033 Fiscal Fine i AbsoluteDischarge i 079 115 Admonished i 080 086 Restriction of Liberty Order (RLO) i 098 RLO not successfullycompleted 140 Individual doesn’tcomply with, or complete, sentence 141 Breach submitted to Court 094 Eligible forparole at halfway stage 087 Community Payback Order (CPO) i 100 CPO notsuccessfullycompleted i CPO successfullycompleted 099 088 Drug Testing and Treatment Order (DTTO) i 102 DTTO notsuccessfullycompleted DTTO successfullycompleted 101 089 CompensationOrder i 104 CompensationOrder not successfullycompleted CompensationOrder successfullycompleted 103 090 Fine i 106 Fine notsuccessfullycompleted Fine successfullycompleted 105 091 DeferredSentence i 108 Deferred Sentence not successfully completed Deferred Sentencesuccessfully completed 107 092 Structured DeferredSentence i 110 Structured DeferredSentence notsuccessfully completed Structured DeferredSentence successfullycompleted 109 093 Sexual OffencePrevention Order (SOPO) i 112 SOPO notsuccessfullycompleted SOPO successfullycompleted 111 095 Parole granted 125 Released on parole i 126 Automatic early release i 096 Parolerejected 113 Automatic release at halfway stage i 123 Appeal submitted to Parole Board 135 No end to sentence i 137 Recall toprison i 142 Continuation of same Community Sentence 143 Re-entry into the Scottish Justice System 114 No supervisionpost-release i 116 Supervision post-release End ofsentence 117 122 129 132 119 Compliance with HomeDetention Curfew 121 Non compliancewith Home Detention Curfew 128 Compliance with postsentence requirements 130 Non compliancewith post sentencerequirements 131 Breach submitted to Parole Board i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i 124 Continuation ofHome DetentionCurfew i i 052 054 Preliminary Hearing/ First Diet i 118 Release on Home Detention Curfew i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i re-entry re-entry re-entry re-entry re-entry