South Lanarkshire


Local Authority area:

South Lanarkshire

Primary Courts of relevance:

Airdrie, Hamilton and Lanark Sheriff Courts

All information provided by:

South Lanarkshire Community Justice Partnership

South Lanarkshire Community Justice Information

Published: 12 August 2021

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Community Payback Order: Treatment: Drugs

Interventions suitable for

Adults with substance use issues.

Programme Title and Provider

[No information specified]

Details of all Specific national or local scheme/intervention(s) available

Referrals to Community Addiction Recovery Services as required. In addition, Justice Support Assistants (JSAs) who have lived experience have been recruited to offer additional support to persons in recovery. JSAs will form relationships with service users and link them to the Beacons recovery network as required.

Possible Outcomes

Greater stability and a reduction in substance use and harm to themselves or others.

Process for Assessment and/or inclusion in scheme/intervention

Social Work referral to CaRES and introduction to a justice support assistant.