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Any Other Relevant Information


Local Authority area:

Shetland Islands Council

Primary Courts of relevance:

Lerwick Sheriff Court

All information provided by:

Shetland Community Justice Partnership

Shetland Community Justice Information

Published: 16 September 2021

The information on this page has been provided by Community Justice Partnerships. Community Justice Scotland is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and is unable to respond to direct queries. All such queries in respect of the information shown on this page should be directed to the Community Justice Partnership to which it relates.

This information will be reviewed and updated where required.

Any Other Relevant Information

Interventions suitable for

Those whom the Fiscal Service deem suitable for referral.

Programme Title and Provider

Diversion from Prosecution

Details of all Specific national or local scheme/intervention(s) available

The Diversion from Prosecution scheme offers supervision to those whom the Fiscal Service deem suitable for referral. Individuals will agree to take part in the scheme on a voluntary basis, and normally the period of voluntary supervision is up to 12 weeks, though extension of this is possible.

Possible Outcomes

Completion of a piece of work within this scheme allows individuals to address areas of their lives which are problematic, e.g. family relationships, alcohol use, etc. and to avoid a criminal conviction if the Procurator Fiscal decides no further action is necessary. This can lead to improved family functioning, reduction in alcohol/substances, and improved employment prospects given the lack of criminal conviction.

Process for Assessment and/or inclusion in scheme/intervention

The Procurator Fiscal informs Criminal Justice Social Work of individuals they consider appropriate to take part in this scheme. CJSW then does an initial assessment of suitability, and informs the PF of the outcome of this. The PF then offers the individual the opportunity to engage with CJSW as part of Diversion from Prosecution scheme.